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National Battery Day - February 18th

Think about how many of your household items use batteries.

Batteries are used in almost anything driven by electricity. If is found in automobiles, cell phones, desktops, televisions, radios, calculators, machinery, solar panels, power banks, remote controls, down to your alarm clock. Batteries are what keeps our phones, tablets, and laptops portable.

Batteries are devices used to store chemical energy that can be converted to useful and portable electrical energy. They have been around since the 19th century. It all started with the name. Benjamin Franklin coined the name battery to describe an array of glass particles that were charged. That was in 1748. Scientist Alessandro Volta created the first battery when he layered silver, separated by paper, and dipped it in a mixture of salt/acid and zinc.

Imagine if batteries weren’t around to help us with every day things like driving, internet surfing on our cell phones, flashlights, etc. They have also become a big part of our lives with the new electric vehicles that have started to become very popular. 

Be sure to dispose of any battery correctly. To find out more information on how to do this, visit

Here at Jeffrey Auto Repair, we provide free battery testing for your vehicle! Give us a call or set an appointment up at the link at the top of the page.

*exclusions do apply to battery testing


Want to learn more about batteries? Click the link below.

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