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Training in the Automotive World

The automotive world is ever changing. To keep up with that, training is a requirement in order to provide the

best possible service around. At the beginning of this month, we had the opportunity to take our staff to Vision

Hi-Tech Training, one of the top training conferences in the United States. It provides knowledge in

management, service advisory and technical areas. Our staff came back with ideas to better themselves and

the shop. We also had a bit of fun as you can see in the photo above! Key takeaways were to always be

mindful of our attitude, as it sets the tone for the whole day for the whole shop; Hands-on training is key for

our technicians, as it is for most of us; and know what customers want: convenience, keeping completed

promise times, & empathy. We are always striving and providing opportunities for training for our entire shop.

We believe that knowledge is power and that will provide the best service for our customers.


Have a great Spring!

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